16CH Realtime Color Quad System

16CH Realtime Color Quad System

2. English menu.
3. 16 image split display, 9 image split display, 8 image split display, Quad image display.
4. Each image quality can independently adjust.
5. The image can auto switch each other.
6. 2 PIP functions and 1PIP function, each PIP position can be adjustable and display channel number can be edited
7. Dual Split function, each picture position can adjustable and display channel number can be edited.
8. ZOOM function, A zoomed area can be moved while zoom function is invoked.
9. High Quality image freeze function, more than one image can freeze in different channel
10. Image loss alarm
11. 60 groups' event record.
12. Each channel number can be edited
13. Screen position and the length time of alarm can be adjustable.
14. Support IR remote controller  RS485 PTZ

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Product Origin: shenzhen
Model Number: ASQ-8226
Brand Name: ANSUN

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