4channel HD DVR (Comes with 7 inch LCD screen?

4channel  HD DVR (Comes with 7 inch LCD screen?

1. High-definition images, cost-effective high              2. Video frame rate of up to 100                             3. Supports RS485 control, support mouse operation 4. Manual,Time, Motion,Sensor,MD+Sensor            5. Support for infrared remote control operation, support USB backup, supports SATA hard drives     6.Whole system very stable, low-loss, trouble-free for more than 30,000 hours of work                       7. Comes with 7 inch screenAudio Network VGA Mouse (optional) Tel :0755-86621158 / 86621089 / 86372681
13926510180 Contact: Tripoli Address: http://www.szansun.cn
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Product Origin: shenzhen
Model Number: ASD-9604
Brand Name: ANSUN

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