4channel HD DVR Comes with 7 inch LCD screen

4channel  HD DVR Comes with 7 inch LCD screen

1. Economical and practical, easy to use              2. widely used in safe cities, road traffic, intelligent plot, production workshop, warehouse,etc.                            3. Manual,Time, Motion,Sensor 4. Support for infrared remote control operation, support USB backup, supports SATA hard drives    5.Whole system very stable, low-loss, trouble-free for more than 30,000 hours of work 6. Comes with 7 inch screenAudio Network VGA Mouse (optional) Tel :0755-86621158 / 86621089 / 86372681
13926510180 Contact: Tripoli Address: http://www.szansun.cn
E-mail: withlibo@163.com


Product Origin: shenzhen
Model Number: ASD-9614
Brand Name: ANSUN

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E-mail: withlibo@163.com
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